The Final Word from Home

The final word from home

Priority Alert 74: “hopeyouseethis.mp4.” Video message from Earth. 74 of 74. Received as batch at 3:33 AM. Priority alerts must be viewed before deletion.

Voice: Rusty Diamond.

Content Note: Swearing.

Cover art by Robert James Algeo.

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And here is the plain text transcript:

The Final Word from Home

BLIP! Recording plays. Atmosphere: Leaves rustle in the wind.

CHRIS: (RECORDING) Why am I even doing this? No. Hey, David, ya prick. Mom’s dead…  Mom’s gone. And, you know, I honestly haven’t thought about you in years, but her funeral was today, and I thought, David wouldn’t miss this. He has to know about it… Found out where you’ve been this whole time. This whole time, you didn’t tell us you were going to space? CLASS ACT, bro. Congratulations.

Chris slow claps.

CHRIS: (RECORDING) Just up and left. Didn’t even tell us Edie’s cancer came back. What’s hard for me to comprehend–and I know I’m talking to an astronaut right now. Hmmph. What I don’t get is you were still on Earth what, four-five years after cutting us out of your life. You hate Mom so much, you’d think you’d at least want to rub it in her face you somehow schmoozed your way onto a spaceship. I don’t know what that’s about. What got you hating me so much, huh? You’re pathetic. Go hide on your ship, pretend you’re saving Earth, but everyone here knows you just ran away… Well, found out family members could send messages. They told me they wouldn’t make it to you, you’re going too fast–ooh, so cool–but fuck it. What’s the point anyway. I hope you can feel the heat of my rage up there. I hope you choke on your toothpaste dinner one night when it all catches up with you. Have fun crying in space, asshole. Bet it’s really fucking lonely up there with no one left that cares about you.

BLIP! Recording end.