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Show Description

Light-years away from a dying Earth, humanity’s last hope rides aboard the Dellingr, a ship on course to a distant planet to start life anew. Follow the five crew members on board, far away from all they knew and loved, tasked with a mission that is falling apart in unexpected, strange, and horrific ways. Are all the classic sci-fi’s wrong? Is love really the answer to everything? Or was this all doomed from the start?

Tomorrow, the Void is a science fiction mystery, with a first season set in space. But we also consider it an existential horror. There is a dread that builds and a doom that lingers as the story progresses. Our characters have nothing left to go back to and their mission’s outcome looks worse by the minute. Yet still, they do the best they can in the face of self doubt, paranoia, and feelings of helplessness. Future seasons will delve further into this world and themes, though they may or may not be set in space.

Cover Art

Cover artwork by Robert James Algeo

Show Details

Each of the eight episodes propels the story forward aboard the ship. Smaller mini-sodes in-between give more insight into what life was like before the crew departed, who is behind the mission, and some of the science behind the science fiction. Episodes are twenty to thirty minutes in length. The in-betweens are one to six minutes long.

There is strong language throughout the show. There are moments of violence and grisly descriptions, so be advised. Content warnings are listed  in the show notes for each episode. Transcripts are available for all episodes on the website. We also have illustrated transcripts available to our Patreon contributors.

Sounds Like

If you enjoy Wolf 359 you might appreciate the character drama and space setting of our show. If you were engrossed by Limetown you might delight in unraveling the grim mystery at the heart of this series. And if you loved Video Palace for its effective use of podcast as a medium to tell a dark story, you may just have a home here. If you’ve ever felt adrift and alone in a hostile, empty void, welcome aboard the Dellingr.

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Created By

Tomorrow, the Void is created by Andrew Santoro and Kelsey Henry as a Ghost Party LLC production. The script and outline for season one, written by the pair, placed as a semi-finalist (top 8) in the Austin Film Festival 2017 Fiction Podcast category.

This is the first audio drama produced by Andrew and Kelsey. Not only did they write, but direct, produce, edit, and star in the show as well as fund the first season entirely out of pocket. They also co-host the podcast Big Money Movie Ideas, a weekly movie-pitching podcast that releases original posters with each episode on their podcast blog Andrew and Kelsey are located in Minneapolis and have worked together on feature scripts, short films, comics, music videos, and of course podcasts since 2015.

Cast and Crew

Our voice talent was scouted and recorded here in Minneapolis with amazing actors in the local theater, film, voice-over, stunt coordination, music, stand-up, and wrestling fields.

Season one stars:
Charles Hubbell
Janet Fogg
Lee Fillingsness
Ro Cornell
Erin Nicole Farsté
Rusty Diamond
Yasin Elabdi
Charlie Van Stee
Joe Cocozzello
Andrew Santoro
Kelsey Henry

Cover art by Robert James Algeo, a Minneapolis-based comic artist.

Original music by Charlie Van Stee of VAN STEE, a Minneapolis-based musician.

Original score by Just Star Stuff.

Additional recording and mix by Joshua Harris Braun of Know Idea Productions.

Special Thanks to Joe Cocozzello, a Minneapolis stand-up comic, for providing the recording space for season one.


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