For Tomorrow, From Today

For Tomorrow, from today

Earth Archive File 1-001: Advertisement seeking new investors for Xenoa’s space colonization efforts. Year unknown.

Tomorrow, the Void. Episode One Coming Soon.

Created by Andrew Santoro and Kelsey Henry. Cover art by Robert James Algeo. Voices: Charlie Van Stee, Charles Hubbell. Original music by Charlie Van Stee.

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And here is the plain text transcript:

For Tomorrow, From Today.

A heavenly choir sings.

NARRATOR: Some days feel like it could be our last. Earth is dying. And all of us with it. But life doesn’t have to end here. Life ends with us. So where do you want to take it?

Music shifts to a science-y, inspirational song.

NARRATOR: Become an investor, and see just how far we can go. For every fifty billion dollars contributed, we can build: One colonization spacecraft. One thousand DNA storage tanks. Ten thousand atmosphere conversion nanobots. Five dedicated scientists to ensure it all arrives intact. And one new beginning. Nature can’t thank you, but we can try. Live out the rest of your days at Xenoa Luxury Space Resort as a recognition of your heroic gift. It’s the least we can do. Xenoa thanks you. The world thanks you. For tomorr—

Audio distorts. Glitches.

VOICE: Tomorrow, the Void.